We introduce the design service specific to the websites with high capabilities and by specialists as we value the dimensions and importance of the virtual side that is proportionate and harmonious with the content, provides the visitor with comfort, and show the beauty of the contents of the website. The colors attraction is considered a main factor that we concentrate on to reflect a high comfort for browsing the website in a comfortable and easy way.

We will pay attention to all aspects, whether they are related to the target category, the website shape, the content and the way of its presentation, or the website internal components. We will use the best and latest technological methods and devices to show the website in the best way. Such specialized website differs from the common website in its design and output as the specialized website contains distinct graphics and colors. We offer the best electronic solutions and the best practices in the field of governmental website designing by a group of persons specialized in designing and outputting the governmental websites in Libya.

Before start working, we make a complete analysis for the entity needs by using a specific form filled by the concerned parties: For example:

The accuracy

Is all information suitable with the nature and directions of the website?
Are the facts, dates, names, and provisions included on the website accurate?
Is the content free from dictation and linguistic errors?

The inclusiveness

Is all necessary information available for the persons browsing the web?
Is all information regularly updated?
Are the latest copies of graphics and upload files used?
Are all the information connecting links going to the required page?

The following 10 steps summarize what are done for our dear customer:

  • A study for the field of activity and the main goals of the customer website before start designing.
  • A study for the current website, if found.
  • A study for the other websites of similar fields of activity and comparisons with them.
  • A through evaluation for the ideas, the extent of achieving such ideas, and the initial vision of the goals.
  • An initiative graphic design for determining the final requirements and ideas.
  • Choosing the name suitable to your website if you haven’t any website before.
  • Choosing the hosting plan suitable to your website if you haven’t any website before.
  • Choosing the colors and images suitable to the website design.
  • Choosing the helpful scripts and add-ons.
  • Choosing an advertising and administrative system suitable to you.


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