The governmental websites are considered a main destination for any visitor wants to ask about any service or search for important information in this entity. The website update is regarded as a performance main indicator that raise the satisfaction of the website visitors as the statistics demonstrate that most visitors of the governmental websites browse for executing a specific and important purpose for the visitor.
Therefore, if you face any difficulties related to your website data updating and so your website remains without any new contents for some months or years, or if you have contents but you don’t have the time or don’t have the person qualified for entering such data, or if you are surprised by a defect or by a malfunction affects your website, we will provide you with the effort, time, and money. You don’t need to hire a webmaster because Iplibya ( KAWKEB AL MALOMAT ) , by its cadre specialized in entering editing, and managing the data on the website, will solve this difficult problem.


The advantages of the website management include the following

  • The regular maintenance of the databases.
  • Repairing the malfunctions affect the databases.
  • Restoring the website to the last 24 hours, if the website has been sabotaged or compromised, then removing and repairing any malfunctions.
  • updating/refreshing and adding the required data and contents to the website.
  • Announcing and publishing the website on the most famous world and Arabic search engines.
  • Announcing the website with Ad Bar on the Iplibya ( KAWKEB AL MALOMAT ) network.
  • Sending a monthly detailed report to the website owners indicating the daily website traffic. The items under the control of the management.
  • Increasing/renewing the space in the website hosting plan.
  • Updating the website domain names.
  • Adding IP numbers to the website.

The things out of the management plan

  1. Modifying any software installed by any party other than Iplibya ( KAWKEB AL MALOMAT )
  2. Repairing the errors occurred as a result of the management agreement/contract violation by the website owner.
  3. Increasing the bandwidth on the website.
  4. Adding new scripts or software that require non-agreed upon great efforts for programming.

Terms and conditions of service

  • The quarterly, biannual, or annual contract (not applicable to the monthly contracts).
  • Iplibya ( KAWKEB AL MALOMAT )  shall maintain the secrecy of information related to the customers hereof.
  • The hosting terms shall not apply to the servers managed by Iplibya ( KAWKEB AL MALOMAT ).
  • The domain information shall be available to update such domain, and the updating cost shall be calculated later and indicated in the service end and delivery invoice.
We can put a management plan for you according to the best quality and compliance criteria applicable to websites management, so the pages will be restructured and new pages that are important to the browser, such as the information security and privacy protection pages, will be added. In addition, the pages will be edited and re-formed to be suitable to the governmental legal field as the websites security protects the governmental entities websites from the external threats; such as the harmful websites, the electronic fraud, the keyboard monitoring software, spyware, viruses, Structure Query Language Injection (SQL INJECTION), and malicious codes.
For example:

The Arabic copyrights notice form

All contents of such website, including but not limited to the text, the drawings, the images, the files, the links, and the audio files, shall be a property for (the name of the entity) and shall be protected by copyrights. The (the name of the entity) shall have all the copyrights, trademark, patent, intellectual property rights, and any other properties related to the information on such website. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, or print of the information and private property rights on such website shall be prohibited.

We shall provide you with all such services to maintain the safety of your website information security and to avoid any legal consequences related to such issue.

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